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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Completed Turtle Buddy

Not much has changed on this project since I posted it as a WIP, but here it is, officially complete now:

The blanket attached to the back doesn't seem to be much longer than when I originally posted this project but in reality it's a little longer than two feet, which makes it hard to fit in a photo. I had just enough pink yarn to finish the edge of the blanket, and the orange coloured yarn is now all used up between this project and a sweater I made for the Little Miss's birthday present, which makes me very happy. I think that I'm down about six balls of baby yarn now which I count as quite the accomplishment. Hopefully Little Miss and her mama love it!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday #6

So I've been doing pretty well with my goal to not buy new yarn and use up what I've bought already this year, but I'm not going to lie, I slipped up a bit in February when we were in Florida. We were in Joanns and I just could not resist this new Bernat Pipsqueak yarn. It got even worse when I realized they had free patterns using it.

I couldn't help it, it was just so soft and snuggly feeling I couldn't say no. And so I walked away with a ball of green and blue and the free star blanket pattern they had available in store. Upon bringing it home I found out that it is unfortunately a total nightmare to do anything with. Seriously, people complain all the time that Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn is a nightmare, but this stuff was far worse.

This means we unfortunately say goodbye to the cute little star blanket that needed lots of counting and required you to know where the stitches actually were. From there I tried a simple ripple blanket and again, a no go. After much ripping out, I decided that stripes and a simple double crochet was the winning pattern for this yarn because it is really that much of a pain.

But of course, where's the fun in just a blue and green striped blanket right? That would get boring and quite frankly I had my concerns about running out of yarn before the blanket got to a decent size. Enter my dear friend Nikki, who like me is a bit Joanns addicted, and who unlike me actually lives near Joanns. She was kind of enough to pick me up another ball and ship it to me up in dreary old no-Joanns Canada and save me the drive down to Buffalo for yet another ball of yarn.

So here's how it's going, after pulling it out I don't even know how many times now. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting it to be a width I liked. No idea what I'm going to do with it when it's done, but I'm sure I'll find someone to love it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crochet A Rainbow

As I am sure many of you know, on March 11, 2011 Japan was hit with a major earthquake and tsunami. Lives were lost, thousands are still missing, and families have been ripped apart by water and rubble. Japan faces an uphill battle to rebuild, further complicated by the nuclear plant situation in the country.

Back in January when Australia was devastated by flooding, Sarah London started her Crochet A Rainbow project to help provide those suffering comfort that remind them there is a rainbow after a storm. So far 460 people are participating and they've received 904 granny squares that Sarah has sewn into blankets to be donated to the people hit the hardest in Australia. Now she is sending blankets to Japan, with the first shipment going out earlier this week.

I encourage everyone to sign up and help Sarah Crochet A Rainbow to help change the lives of the Japanese people hardest hit by this disaster. This is stash blasting at it's most useful by far.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday #5

Sadly I've not found much time for crocheting (or blogging) in the last month. During February, the only things that I made have been some Swiffer Socks and washcloths, which I shipped off a few weeks ago and they're in their new homes being loved now.

Since the beginning of February I've gone on vacation to Florida, celebrated Valentine's Day, attended a wedding, went to my first Lady Gaga concert, landed a job interview, and stepped up to help with a memorial service. This is just what's happened so far too, there's lots more lined up to come for March. In addition to my own birthday coming up this Friday, A. is turning one, which is very upsetting because I am not prepared for him to grow up this quickly. Seriously, how can 9 months last so long and 12 months just fly by? There's also a special little girl in M's family that is also celebrating her first birthday the week after, and my mom's birthday is at the end of the month too. If this isn't enough, I'll be away for a week and a half in the middle of all these birthdays, and will likely come home with a nice case of jet lag too thanks to those pesky time zone changes.

Have I made enough excuses yet?

Despite all this time that's been quickly eaten up in my life, I managed to pull out some yarn and I'm actually getting somewhere with it. The best part? I'm using yarn I've had stashed away for probably about a year now, with absolutely no idea what to use it for!

And without further ado, I bring you the turtle buddy (please ignore my extremely wrinkly bed sheet):

I have to say though, thank God for my huge collection of Baby Clouds yarn. I've been so caught up in getting things ready for A's birthday that I forgot about the little miss who is also celebrating her first birthday, a big oopsie on my part. This yarn is fantastic (unless you try to use a tiny hook, in which case I'd describe it more as "migraine inducing" as it can be quite difficult to see where you need to stick the hook). However, if you've got yourself a nice little 10mm hook and a bit of spare time, within a few hours you can have yourself a soft and fluffy baby blanket ready to go, or in my case, a turtle buddy ready to go.

Though the turtle part is obviously done, the strange fan thing attached to her bum is not done. It will eventually become a blanket so the little miss can have a special nap time friend.

If you're looking to make a turtle buddy for someone special to you, the pattern can be found in this little book. If you don't feel like ordering it online, I purchased my copy at Zellers, though I'm sure it can be found at many a craft store too.

I've been considering making the little miss a sweater that matches her pal-to-be's shell too, but:
a) I've never crocheted clothes before,
b) I still quite often have issues making things that are flat,
c) the pattern says to use a 6.5mm hook which scares me with this yarn,
d) I don't have a lot of time to put into it.

I guess we shall see what happens once the turtle is completely finished!
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