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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

5 Resolutions You Can Make: 2013 Edition

Last year my post about 5 Resolutions You Can Make was my most popular blog post, so I am back again with the 2013 edition.

Resolution #1: Use up your Stash
Based on the theme of this blog, obviously this is a continual resolution for me year after year. I did make a lot of progress during the Ravelympics this year, but more work is definitely needed, especially considering a lot of my yarn I have no plans for and it was just bought because it was cheap.

After a trip to Petsmart a couple months ago (where I always have to visit the kitties up for adoption while I am there), I noticed some hand made blankets in the cages with them. A very large portion of my yarn stash is a bunch of miscellaneous 1lb balls of yarn that I got for $1 each when Walmart was moving to the new store they built. For the longest time I've had no idea what to use it for other than various amigurumi projects, which would take a very long time to use up the yarn. Problem solved thanks to my love of cats.

If you have some yarn with no plans, I challenge you to find a cause close to your heart and find a way to use up some of your stash in 2013.

Resolution #2: Take a Vacation
This is another resolution I am working on this year. I am desperately trying to make sure I spend a week on a beach this February despite life's obligations not exactly wanting to cooperate to allow that to happen. 

If you have more free time than me, wouldn't this bag be great to whip up and take along with you for a beach vacation?

Resolution #3: Cut Back on Sugar
I'm not going to lie, as I type this post I am drinking a Vanilla Coke. It is not the first Vanilla Coke I've had today either. I try to cut back on sugary drinks especially, though it's not always easy. 

However, this cute tea pot cosy could make integrating more antioxidant rich green tea into my life a lot more fun perhaps. 

Resolution #4: Tidy Up
If only there was a way to crochet some magical floating bookshelves, a lot of my problems would be solved. However this is a great and cheap option for parents of little ones with lots of little friends hanging around the house that need to be tidied up.

Resolution #5: Prepare Early for the Holidays
Again if you're anything like me, December winds up being a very busy month. There's just too much to do and too many special touches that I want to include in the holiday season for those that I love. 

I didn't actually do too terribly at preparing early this year, but it helps to always have it in the back of your mind throughout the year and it's nice to spread your holiday crafting out throughout the year. Here's some quick and easy projects to get you started.

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