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Friday, April 8, 2011

Crochet Borders

While we're on the topic of crochet books, I may as well show off one of my birthday presents from back in March too. The wonderful M. who likes to spoil me endlessly picked up this book for me:

It has 150 different styles of crochet borders that you can put on your blankets. A few of them even incorporate some bead work. They range from simple to elaborate and any of them are perfect for dressing up a simple basic blanket. Prior to reading this book I always thought I was being fancy adding a scalloped edge to my blankets, but clearly I am wrong! I sense that if I were to do any of these borders there would be lots of frustration and ripping out, but judging from the pictures the end product is totally worth it.

Bottom line? I'm not going to create a new WIP just to do something from this book anytime soon, but this book definitely gives a lot of options and I'm glad to have it on my bookcase.

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