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Monday, March 26, 2012

Long Time, No See!

*Blows dust off blog*

I can't believe I have become such a blogging slacker that it has been nearly a YEAR since I have updated! Today I am home sick from work after a terrible dental emergency/SURPRISE you have a sore throat weekend, so blogging seems like the logical activity for the living room couch bound person.

You'd think I would have a long list of things that I've made, but sadly I don't. At least not in picture form. Lately it seems like I have been churning out baby gift after baby gift, with no time to spare for picture taking before it's wrapped up and out the door. This mainly includes a countless number of Hailey blankets, my go-to pattern for a quick and simple baby blanket. I'll tell you a little secret about my go-to blanket; every time I go down to the United States shopping, I always make sure I bring back however many Pound of Love balls of yarn I can buy (with a coupon of course!) You can buy them for around $5 depending on coupon, they make about one and a half "Haileys." This way even the most casual acquaintance of mine can receive something handmade, and my wallet isn't decimated in the process!

Of course, there are certain people I like to spoil too. I find a "Hailey" is a perfect addition to my other favourite craft, diaper cakes.

Draping the blanket around a diaper cake really gives it that something extra special I think.

Now off I go, back to finishing off the "Hailey" I am making for a cashier at work.

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