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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A WIP No More!

Does anyone remember this blanket from way back when? Do you also remember how I was worried I was going to run out of yarn for it? With less than 3 rows to go, I ran out of blue. To rub salt in the wound, no one seemed to carry the right colour of blue anymore. I scoured Joanns every trip I took down to the USA. Walmart and Zellers even started carrying this brand of yarn, but do you think they would carry the colour? Nope. No dice. I thought this blanket was just going to sit in my room until I gathered the courage to rip the entire thing out again and start from scratch. 

As luck would have it, and as you can tell from the following picture, I did manage to find another ball at a Joanns somewhere between home and New York City where we stopped for dinner on the way home while on a bus trip. This was extremely fortunate, as I sent my Grandma on the hunt for another ball in the same colour at the original Joanns where I first bought the yarn while she was down in Florida for the winter again, and even she couldn't find it for me.

I still have no idea who this will be for, so it will be going for a little vacation in the chest of completed objects for someone someday, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out despite all the problems it caused me.

I was going to take pictures of another project I've had laying around that I have since completed (one of the two is even gone without pictures being taken!), but of course that is not what her royal majesty intended to happen as you can tell.

As you can tell, her majesty is rather protective of her throne too.

Have a good day everyone! Hopefully the cat will let me have the chair back soon for some more pictures!

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