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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday #11

Meet my new commission piece for a friend of mine in Ohio! (Who doesn't love crocheting when the yarn is free? See my first big commission piece here). Her sister in law is having a baby girl at the end of the summer, so naturally a blanket to keep her toasty warm for the winter is required. It is made with my arch nemesis yarn, which surprisingly isn't totally horrible if you aren't ripping out the entire thing several times over. I almost said no to this blanket when the Pipsqueak was mentioned, but so far I'm not regretting my choice to do this. Hopefully my friend's mom loves this yarn as much in blanket form as she did when she saw the balls of yarn in store!

By the way, I have to admit that I am lying in this post. That picture is from yesterday morning. As of today, it has doubled in length and then some and it is now over halfway done. Here's hoping that this is the only WIP Wednesday for this blanket and that I will be mailing it off home soon!


  1. I <3 it! I'm so excited to get the finished piece. It's entirely possible I may end up keeping it for myself too :P


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