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Friday, June 1, 2012

The 2012 Ravelympics

As I am sure most people around the world know, this summer brings the Olympics to London. As I am sure fewer people know, this summer also brings the Ravelympics to

I am been a member of since March 21, 2010, but I have not been an active member for anywhere nearly that long, and I conveniently missed the Vancouver 2010 Ravelympics, so this is my first time ever participating and I am quite excited about it.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little mixed up about the whole sign up process: where you comment exactly to say what team you want to be on, setting up your project page properly, entering multiple events, etc. I did add my name to a random Google document, so even if I am not actually signed up properly, I am going to pretend I am at the very least.

Since my goal is to use up my stash of yarn, naturally I chose to be on Team Stashdown! Smackdown. Clearly the obvious choice of events for me would be synchronized stash busting, but I am going home stuff hammerthrow instead.

See this?

This is the pretty, doesn't look too terrible picture I took of all the cotton yarn I could find in my stash. Here is the less pretty, but you can see the horror that awaits me picture:

Yes, that is 31 skeins of various colours of cotton yarn. 4,152 yards worth of yarn I am hopefully going to finally kill off. Some of that stuff is definitely not a year old (thank you Michaels $1 per skein sale), so it would be cheating to put it under synchronized stash busting, so I am hitting the home stuff hammerthrow. I've had two people mention to me separately about searching out homemade dishcloths,  little do they know they are about to be bombarded come August. Obviously I'm planning on putting a few away for December too if you check out the colour scheme I have for about half of those skeins.

Side note: is there some secret cult following of non-knitters/crocheters seeking homemade dishcloths? One of these girls apparently searches through thrift stores for her homemade dish washing treasures. I didn't think they were such a big deal.

Anyway, that is my plan for July 27-August 12. Hopefully you will all join me, or at the very least check back to see my progress and results!


  1. Homemade dishclothes are hard to find if you don't knit/crochet. I definitely use the ones that I have been gifted through the years more than I use any of the store-bought ones that I have. High quality, tightly knit ones are especially coveted. :)

    1. Well I guess I know where else I can send some off to once I let my local girls have their pick :)


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