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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday #12

I only have time for a quickie post today; underneath my current project is the work I should be focusing on, ie. my physics work. You've seen this pattern before, it's nothing exciting. In fact, in this picture you can see something else you've just seen and even a hint at my next completed project post too.

Again another Wave Stitch Blanket with a 4.25mm hook, but this one I really have no idea who it is going to because I have now run out of pregnant friends, very sad for me indeed! There are rumours that one of my mother's coworkers is pregnant, but I already have something else planned with more stash yarn for her that will suit her personality better than a ripple.

On that note, everyone out there better get busy tonight working on some more babies for me to spoil, regular size stuff is just not nearly as cute!

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