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Monday, June 4, 2012


Here we have another lovely finished project, most likely going to my best friend from high school, who was the first of our group to get married and will very soon be the first to have a baby. She is having a baby girl and I have the distinct feeling she is going to receive a barrage of everything pink, so I am hoping she appreciates the break and enjoys some peach instead.

If you remember correctly from a couple weeks ago, there was actually two of these blankets and I was having a little problem while I was making them. Unfortunately I can't take pictures of both blankets because I ended up giving one away to a coworker that just had a baby girl on May 22nd.

I actually have two more of this blanket started, just with a different colour of yarn, so you will be seeing those around here soon. In the meantime though I had to set them aside for this piece so I can get that finished off and mailed as soon as I can. After that, I am hoping a can squeak out another project or two before I start the Ravelympics in July!


  1. I am enjoying all of your updates lately. :-) Can't wait for even more come July!!

  2. LOL I will make you so sick of dishcloths. I've gotta get motoring and finish off Nikki's blanket, then I can post that too :)


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