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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Return of the Belly Roaster

We're officially one week into fall here, and it's certainly starting to feel like it, where I am anyway. The heat is on in my apartment which means as soon as the cat realizes this, she'll have her favourite place to sleep back:

Yes, the belly roaster has returned. It's a shame she hasn't realized it's on yet. I turned it up this morning for her so it would be nice and cozy, but she was only interested in sleeping on the bed today. Ironically though, as I was turning up the heat, my friend was telling me about turning her air conditioning on again.

The chill in the air means lots of cozy nights on the couch with my stud beside me, watching whatever takes our fancy on television because I'm not so fond of the freezing cold. But in the mean time, I get to wear cute sweaters and boots while we get our fill of fall activities before the real cold hits.

Unfortunately though, when I'm not wearing those cute boots, my feet can get a bit chilly. This brings me to this next project I may start this evening if I'm feeling ambitious and I can find the supplies I need later this afternoon:

My slipper socks that I bought last December on Boxing Day are currently dying a slow death and will soon be in need of replacing and these slippers seem to fit the bill. Though I'm not so interested in the flowers that these slippers are decorated with, this pattern is exciting because the designer is from my city, and so these are the slippers that will be made. If all works out and I can use the yarn I think I want to for these, I should be able to make some slippers and a new snuggly blanket for those nights on the couch.

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