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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where It Began

An unconventional baby blanket for an unconventional mother. In this case, mom was not a girly-girl, but a little princess was already on her way. Clearly cutesy girly pink was not the preferred choice in this scenario. In fact, I know a green Bumbo chair was scanned onto the baby registry just because mom was so tired of scanning pink things.

Now I myself am certainly a pink girly-girl. If I ever have a daughter, my house will be filled with anything and everything pink before you can close your eyes. I managed to put aside my love for pink and find some yarn that incorporated pink and brown, the nursery colours, and green, which was mom's favourite colour.

The best part of this blanket? How much faster I could make it than the one I tried knitting previously. Bulkier yarn and the magic of the double crochet made for smooth sailing. When I made a mistake I could just pull the yarn rather than carefully backing up my stitches. Heck yes, you better believe crocheting is for me! Since this blanket I've kept on going and never looked back.

Sadly though this is the only picture I have of it due to an untimely laptop death and the fact that I generally don't bother to back up my hard drive. Maybe some day I'll learn.


  1. Jaeana still sleeps with that blanket! Next time I see her I'll have to take a picture. Sometimes she drags it around...last time I was at Krissy's it was downstairs. Thankfully, I have my own now ;) So I don't have to keep my plan of kidnapping hers! haha.

  2. Haha I'm glad she likes it and gets use out of it!

    Good for you for not stealing hers...yours is nicer and warmer anyway :P


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